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May 18, 2021 Congrats to Jason Dennis, Greg Brassfield, and the entire trial team from Lynn, Pinker, Hurst & Schwegmann, LLP on their $3M jury verdict in Dallas in a dispute involving fiduciary duty and contract issues among family members. The emotional dynamics embedded in these cases, where family member are litigating, always presents an extra challenge for jurors to sort through in order to focus on what is fair. But there is always a key decision-driver, and it is no surprise that the professionals at LPHS were strategic in their approach, making it easy for this jury to get it right. And kudos to my colleague Emily McDonald for helping pick yet another winning jury and providing insight. It was a privilege and a pleasure to play a role in this success story. Lastly, thanks to the jury for its time and service as well as Judge Purdy and her staff.

By May 19, 2022News