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Kalyn Lain

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Work: 972-860-1679
Mobile: 469-600-7621

5960 Berkshire Lane
Floor 6
Dallas, TX 75225

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Having worked for Bloom Strategic Consulting since 2014, Ms. Lain’s expertise includes pre-trial research, courtroom communication, litigation strategies, and jury analysis. Using her knowledge of human behavior and social sciences, Ms. Lain analyzes attitudes and reactions to specific case fact patterns in order to better position clients at trial.

Ms. Lain has worked on over 200 cases to date, and continues to utilize her aptitude for psychology to assist on 40+ cases each year. Additionally, she has spent over 500 hours in the courtroom providing recommendations and guidance in real-time, helping her clients to achieve the desired result.

Ms. Lain graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in General Studies and a background in Interdisciplinary Studies and Early Childhood Development. She continues to increase her proficiency in psychology and sociology by conducting research, studying behavioral trends, and implementing a continuous, hands-on approach to litigation consulting.