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Alison Bennett

Congrats to Van Beckwith, Mike Calhoon & the Baker Botts trial team on their total defense win today.

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Perry Mason Moment Halts Moncrief $1.37 Billion Gazprom Suit

(Bloomberg) — The case of the doctored document ended Moncrief Oil International’s $1.37 billion lawsuit Monday over a scrapped joint venture with Russia’s OAO Gazprom.

Moncrief claimed Gazprom backed out of a deal for rights to develop a natural gas field in Siberia, sabotaged the business agreement and stole its trade secrets. But a key piece of evidence the U.S. company relied on was revealed as a fake in the midst of a trial. Click to read more


January 8, 2014 Alison Bennett to present at the Leadership Dallas Class at Southwest Airlines Headquarters.

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An opportunity for Dallas leaders to learn about challenges to the jury system, including challenges to maintaining a healthy, diverse jury pool in Dallas County. They will learn statistics about jury service in Dallas County, such as the number of jury trials last year in Texas District Courts in Dallas County, how many jurors were summoned and how many showed up to serve, what hardships present barriers to recruitment and participation, possible solutions to barriers, and/or how city leaders can encourage more citizens to adopt a positive attitude about jury service. Judge Martin Lowy, Presiding Judge of the Civil District Courts of Dallas County, will speak first, then DLA members will participate in a mock voir dire by Leon Carter and Greg Westfall. Leadership Dallas Class members will learn about the practical and logistical challenges associated with jury trials, they will experience voir dire from a juror’s perspective, and gain insight to some of the concerns jurors may have as they strive to make important decisions and reach a verdict.

September 16, 2013 Alison Bennett published in the D CEO: What Business Execs Can Learn From the Paula Deen Scandal

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What Business Execs Can Learn From the Paula Deen Scandal

First off: have a good lawyer.

by John G. Browning     Published 9.16.2013     From D CEO OCT 2013


Take one outspoken personality presiding over her own media and culinary empire. Add a pesky lawsuit by a disgruntled ex-employee. Allow time to simmer, under the cross-examination of a videotaped deposition. When the mix boils over with damaging admissions of racial insensitivity, liberally sprinkle the results across media outlets nationwide. Such was the recipe for the meltdown of the Southern-style cooking empire of Paula Deen in the wake of admissions that she had used racial slurs.

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June 24, 2013 Alison Bennett published in the Jury Expert – 80 iPad Apps Attorneys Love, 8 Days a Week: An App Strategy for Work, the Courtroom, and Your Personal Life

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YOU’VE SEEN LIST AFTER LIST of “best of” apps, so let’s have a little fun with it this time.  We’ve identified 80 iPad apps you can use in your professional and personal life, and we introduce them to you by following a couple of fictional law partners through their adventures for a week to see how they put their tablets to use.  So let’s get started with John Frugalis and Agnes Smith.  Both were early adopters of iPad technology.  John prefers free or less expensive versions of apps when possible, while Agnes is all about efficiency and doesn’t mind shelling out a few bucks for a little technological peace of mind.

Most of the apps John and Agnes use are iPad native, which means they were written for the iPad, although some are optimized for the iPhone 5, but are compatible with iPad.  If you prefer to simply read about the apps, there is a guide available for download…Click Here To Read More

May 31, 2013 Congratulations to Alison Bennett and Emily McDonald for receiving the Pro Bone Award at the ASTC Conference.

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Bloom Strategic Consulting would like to congratulate Alison Bennett & Emily McDonald, recipients of the 2012 ASTC Pro Bono Award, for their work on the Dallas-Fort Worth ASTC Pro Bono Initiative, including work for the Human Rights Initiative of North Dallas and the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program. Ms. Bennett and Dr. McDonald were recognized by their peers at the annual American Society of Trial Consultants Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 31, 2013. Bloom Strategic Consulting supports Ms. Bennett’s and Dr. McDonald’s continuing efforts to give back to the community by providing their expertise to facilitate equal access to justice.

June 1, 2013 Morgan Smith and Alison Bennett presents “iPad Technology for Trial Consultants: 50 Apps to Increase Productivity at Work, Home and in the Courtroom” at the ASTC Conference.

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iPad Technology for Trial Consultants: 50 Apps to Increase Productivity at Work, Home and in the Courtroom

Discover 50 top apps and iPad technologies for trial consultants to increase productivity at work, home and in the courtroom.  Topics include graphics, presentations, witness preparation, jury selection, data collection, time management, financial/billing management, FaceTime collaboration, and more.


-Learn about iPad apps and technologies you can use in the courtroom for graphics, presentations, jury selection, data collection, and communication

-Discover practical tips for using iPad apps and technologies at work to collaborate, organize, conduct witness preparation and more; and

-Streamline and enrich your personal life with iPad apps and technologies.

Click Here for iPad Reference Guide

May 22, 2013 Alison Bennett and Emily McDonald presents “Beyond the Verdict: Top Ten Jury Decision-Making Mysteries Revealed” at Gruber Hurst Johansen Hail & Shank in Dallas.

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Beyond the Verdict: Top Ten Jury Decision-Making Mysteries Revealed

This CLE examines the jury decision-making process, offering insights leading to more effective persuasion and better results in the courtroom. The role and impact of judges on the jury decision-making process will also be addressed, along with trial-tested tips for both civil and criminal trial attorneys.