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Texas District Courts

January 8, 2014 Alison Bennett to present at the Leadership Dallas Class at Southwest Airlines Headquarters.

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An opportunity for Dallas leaders to learn about challenges to the jury system, including challenges to maintaining a healthy, diverse jury pool in Dallas County. They will learn statistics about jury service in Dallas County, such as the number of jury trials last year in Texas District Courts in Dallas County, how many jurors were summoned and how many showed up to serve, what hardships present barriers to recruitment and participation, possible solutions to barriers, and/or how city leaders can encourage more citizens to adopt a positive attitude about jury service. Judge Martin Lowy, Presiding Judge of the Civil District Courts of Dallas County, will speak first, then DLA members will participate in a mock voir dire by Leon Carter and Greg Westfall. Leadership Dallas Class members will learn about the practical and logistical challenges associated with jury trials, they will experience voir dire from a juror’s perspective, and gain insight to some of the concerns jurors may have as they strive to make important decisions and reach a verdict.