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Jury Strategist Jason Bloom Teaches Attorneys to Play to the Audience

By April 17, 2012May 12th, 2015Blog
Jason Bloom CEO of Bloom Strategic Consulting Inc., says jurors are like icebergs. You can see what’s on the surface, but it’s tricker to find out what’s underneath…Jason Bloom routinely holds court in his office, quite literally.

The 38-year-old owner of Bloom Strategic Consulting Inc. stages a full-fledged mock courtroom environment, complete with stand-in jurors, so that attorneys can see how effective their cases are before they take them into a real court.

He calls it a legal laboratory. The mock jurors are his research participants.

“Everything we do in this room is aimed at eliminating the guesswork associated with litigation,” Bloom says as he shows off his facility at Campbell Center on Central Expressway. “There’s often a gap the size of the ocean between what lawyers and witnesses want to tell the jury and what a jury actually wants to know. I bridge that gap.”

His setup includes a realistic courtroom — 24-person jury box, two counsel tables, judge’s bench and witness stand — a jury assembly room and two deliberation rooms equipped with video and sound equipment. They all feed into a viewing room behind one-way glass so that attorneys and clients can monitor the courtroom proceedings and the deliberations that go on afterward.

These legal experiments are highly conclusive, Bloom contends. Since starting his career 15 years ago, he’s run more than 350 cases through a mock jury study. His predictions panned out in 90 percent of the cases that went to an actual trial. Read more…

Story by: Cheryl Hall – Dallas Morning News

Published: 24 March 2012

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